Custom VPN Solutions

The Secure, Reliable and Totally Private Data Transmission Solution.
is an easy deployable solution that only requires a 4G router to deliver secure data transmissions. It’s simplicity often means IT Departments don’t need to be involved. Whether you are looking to remotely monitor a building site with no infrastracture, have a location that doesn’t allow video or security data over their networks, or require a low cost remotely managed network solution, then DirectConnect is a solution for you.

With flexible data rates on a month to month basis or fixed term contracts, DirectConnect has a solution for all types of business and budgets.

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Who can DirectConnect help?

Building sites with no infrastracture or networks

When video is not permitted on corporate networks




How does DirectConnect work?
DirectConnect is a secure and reliable 4G Fixed IP Sim service that connects field devices suce as CCTV, Access Control, BMS, Medical or any IP device via a VPN connection.
DirectConnect is deployed through a custom-configured 4G router that connects to the SCSI private and secure network. This enables the 4G router to have a fixed IP address at all times. One advantage of a fixed IP address is it removes the inconvenience of having to visit the device on-site to reconfigure hardware should the network allocate another IP address to the device as typically the case with a dynamic IP address.

Users can connect to their sites via the web, Software GUI, Android or IOS device once they connect to the VPN that has been customised for DirectConnect.

Central Monitoring Stations can easily connect to remote CCTV equipment to carry out Video Verification on alarms as well as offering Virtual Guard Tours to increase revenue, reduce false callout fees and improve customer service.

Server picture

Security Guard monitor

CCTV camera on roof

A typical DirectConnect configuration


Support for all major NVR/DVR solutions

No Lock-ins

Flexible data plans and options for DIY hardware

VPN Connection

Secure & robust private SCSI network

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce carbon footprint by bringing devices to you

iPhone & Android Support

PC and Mac OS Support

Turnkey 4G Solution

4G connectivity with 3G failover

A typical DirectConnect configuration

Any IP device (NVR, BMS, Medical, etc.) connects directly to DirectConect 4G Router or the optional Network Switch.


The SCSI DirectConnect 4G Router is preconfigured into the DirectConnect network. The only changes required are to add the IP address and gateway address of the NVR (if using) which is carried out on-site by SCSI technicians.


Data is passed from the DirectConnect 4G Router through the 4G network (with a 3G backup) to SCSI’s Access Point (APN).


The SCSI Radius Server manages all of the DirectConnect SIM’s deployed and allocates all the fixed IP addresses. SCSI manages all user login credentials. An end to end IPSEC security tunnel is provided between the Radius Server and VPN Gateway ensuring no unauthorized devices can gain access to the DirectCOnnect network.


The VPN Gateway is where clients can login and are verified against certificates created and stored within the network. If these settings aren’t perfect, the access is denied.




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